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Pandit Potli is a platform, where you find everything and anything. Name is what name does. It includes traditional Vedic astrology, Advanced stellar K.P. astrology, Lal Kitab, Numerology, Pooja Paddhati, Hanuman Jyoish, Gem Stone and much more. Vastu is to added soon. This is the world's one and only app which tells you everything with out your birth chart and with out any delay resolves all your problems. Its salient features are the reason as to why people are using it so often. You can use this app in English, Hindi and Tamil language. This app is both a consultant and a counselor. It manages your time and helps you stay healthy and fit. Its best for time and cost management and reduces your stress and tension level. All you need to do is use it wisely. It has some unique links such as Winner Finder, K.P. Prediction, New Dress Muhurt, Gold/Silver and Punarphoo. No astrological in the world has these links and it is sole reason that our app has gained popularity so rapidly. K.P. Prediction: In this link you can ask any question related to you. When ever you're worried or confused or tensed or there doesn't seem any way out, so this link will help through this. You need to put your question in a positive way. For example: Will my work be done? or Will I get a job in XYZ company? or Will I get my debts back? etc. After entering your question, you have to choose a number between 1 and 249 and then press submit. You will get your answer in yes/no format. If you want to know when will your work be done, then you will have to pay the fees. This link provides answers to daily problems faced by the people in general. You can organise your routine and works with the help of this link. Make a list of all works that are to be done on as particular day. Write a number in front of each of them and check yourself. Go for the ones which will be done and avoid wasting time and energy for the ones which wouldn't. You will find yourselves more relaxed. Success rate of this link is 95%. Today's Rashifal: Based on the Vedic astrology, this link provides your horoscopes on the basis of your moon sign. You can organize you daily plans according to your horoscopes. Those who dont know their moon signs can also see this through their name sign. Its reported success rate is 70%. Gold/Silver: This link is most useful for the Gold/Silver brokers and jewelers. This link provides prediction on time basis as to when will gold or silver be gainig or losing. Most of the jewelers are using this link and their losses.in comparison to before this link has reduced. Its success rate is more than 90%. KP Astrology: Guruji Shri KS Krishnamurthy invented KP Astrology. It is also know as advanced stellar astrology. In this link we provide accurate calculations of birth charts based on the given details and provide clear prediction to the seekers. This link contains birth chart, cusp chart, planetary positions and details, cusps, planet and house signification and Vimshottari Dasha. This link is helpful for the practitioners of astrology. It can save up to 500 birth charts and its reported success rate is 100%. Today's Panchang: This link consists of Panchang, Hora and Chaughadiya. Day, Tithi, Star, Yogas, Karan, Sunrise, Sunset, Yamghant Kal, Abhijeet Muhurat, Guli Kal, Rahu Kal are provided in panchang along with daily planetary positions, signs and stars, star lords. We have given values of Hora and also current Hora of the day. Similarly, We have provided the same for Chaughadiya with highlighter. Pooja: This link provides you suggestion as to how and what Pooja you should perform on daily basis and if there is any special Pooja required to be done if you have Pitra Dosha. You can check this by putting your birth details. Users have reviewed that by performing Pooja according to their birth charts, they have observed a decrease in their problems. Its success rate is supposed to be 70%. Winner Finder: This link is for any kind of competition such as cricket match, elections etc. It answers you whether your concerned team will win or not. For example: Will India win today's match against XYZ team? It will quickly answer in yes/no format. You can use it anytime anywhere. Its reported success rate more than 80%. Kundli: This link provides you with Birth charts, Pre-details, Ascendant reports, Sign reports and House reports. It provides you your kundli on the basis of details feed by you. It is most helpful for astrologers. Its success rate is reported to be more than 70%. Lal Kitab: Kundli, Debts and Remedies are given in this link. You can get your birth chart analysis on the basis of details provided by you. If you do not have your birth details the you can check the same through your sign to see what debts you have come with and what is the remedy you should do. Even then astrologers can use it and gain appreciation from their clients. Its success rate is reported to be more than 74%. Nakshatra Prediction: This link is amazing. Just feed in your details once, and it will provide you daily horoscopes on the basis of your birth Nakshatra, Which is more accurate in comparison to your Moon sign's horoscope. Mangal Dosha is also given in this link. If you have Mangal Dosha in your chart, the you must work accordingly. It can save up to 500 charts and its success rate is determined to be more than 88%. Match Making: Marriage is not an easy job these days. One registers himself on various matrimonial sites and receives bio-datas of various partners daily. It isnt easy enough to get through all the charts daily for an astrologer. so, you can use this link and check for yourself. This link is not only for the public, but for astrology practitioners as well and this link can save up to 500 charts. Horoscope: This link contains Birth charts, Sun charts, Moon charts, Planet details, Chalit charts, Navamsha, Vimshottari Dasha, Lagn report, Sign report, Hora report and 15 more similar sub-links. Astrologers can choose ayanansh whichever they prefer such as KP, Yukteshwar, Raman, Lahiri, JN-Bhsini, Fagan etc. Astrologers have claimed its accuracy around 82%. New Dress Muhurt: This too is a amazing link. You can change your life way better by using this link. The link tells you how you can change your luck by wearing newly bought dresses. This link tells not only patients of diseases or for income, but also for the ones who want a baby. Its not important to wear full new dress, you can wear or use any new cloth for example, men can use any piece of their clothing such as jeans or trousers, t-shirts, hanker chiefs, etc and women can wear any dress they have just bought. You can change your luck with these simple steps. Kal Sarp: This link gives you birth chart, kal sarp details and its remedies. You can feed in your details and know about your kal sarp dosha. the remedy part is absolutely brilliant. about more than thousands of birth charts have been researched by the team of Pandit Potli and on the basis of those analyses, we ahave concluded that not all kal sarp dosha are bad. Many kal Sarp dosha take people to heights. It includes both research and remedy. many of the users have rated its success about 90%. Punarfoo: This is a completely unique link. this link includes research material of both the chairman Mr. Pawan Nishant and director of the app Mrs Shalini Dwivedi. Its symptoms, effects and remedies have been thoroughly explained in this link. This research work has also been appreciated in all of the astrology seminars and it has helped us to solve the problems of many of our clients. Its success rate is reported to be more than 95%. Numerology: Users can feed their details and know their future according to numerology. It contains numerology report, Favorable time, Vastu place, Fast report, Favorable lord, Favorable mantra, etc. Its success rate is determined to be around 74%. Sade Sati: In this link you can feed your details and know about sade sati, dhaiyya, etc. It contains your birth chart, sade sati and its remedies. Rudraksh: This link tells you which rudraksh is better for you according to your birth chart. Book Your Pooja : This is the first ever effort i the world of astrology and is most beneficial for those living in metro cities or are new in any city and want to perform Pooja but dont know where to find a good pandit to do the job. Each month's lucky time is given in this link which is free. After this, you have to make payment and then you'll receive a mail concerned about the list of all items required for your Pooja on your given mail address along with Pooja in audio or video format and you can perform your Pooja accordingly. currently, it includes Daily Pooja, Car Pooja, Satya Narayan Katha Pooja, Grah Pravesh Pooja, Office Pooja, Namkaran Pooja and Vastu Pooja. Its specialty is that Pandit ji recites the whole Pooja as if he is at your place. You can order your Pooja now. Gem Suggestion: In this link we will suggest you about the suitable stone for you, which is lucky and fortunate for you to wear. In the ascendant and moon chart there is details about your birth chart and moon chart. We have also added Rahu kal, Chaughadia and Hora link for your benefit. Current details is also available about them. Navgrah Powder: Pandit Potli has also invented a powder to control your planets and there positions in your birth chart. You can choose a suitable powder as per your horoscope and can use it while taking shower. This amazing powder will solve your planet related problems. You can order it from us to get the benefit. Astro shop: In this link you can purchase all Puja related items on a very reasonable price. Paid consultation: Pandit Potli has the best panel of astrologers from all over the world, who can tell you about your future and fate on a day to day basis and advance prediction.. Pandit Potli is constantly adding new features in the app.